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If you are considering to whiten your teeth, you may want to know some of the facts behind it. Our team is going to give you some of the key pieces of information that surround professional tooth whitening.

1. Tooth whitening isn’t a permanent procedure

When your teeth are professionally bleached, the effect of the treatment may only last from a year to three years, maximum. You can help maintain your smile by practicing great oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly.

2. Whitening is considered a chemical process

Tooth whitening or bleaching is done using compounds in the peroxide group, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Sounds confusing right? Well when these compounds react with the outside layer of your tooth, they oxidize the color, giving your tooth a whiter pigment.

3. Whitening isn’t for everyone

Typically if you are going for professional whitening, your dentist will let you know whether or not you should have your teeth whitened. There are different factors they will consider:

• For women: If you are pregnant or lactating
• If you have teeth that contain cavities or gum disease
• If you are allergic to the chemicals
• If you have replacement, or false, teeth
• If you are under the age of 16

If you have questions or concerns about professional tooth whitening, please contact our offices today by calling 910.864.4646, our staff will ensure you feel good about your decision to come in.