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A cavity can form on one of your teeth when poor oral hygiene allows the natural oral bacteria to exploit the tooth enamel. If it is detected early, a small to medium-sized cavity can be repaired with an ordinary filling made of gold, porcelain, amalgam or composite materials.

The treatment process starts with your dentist, Dr. David J. Harsant, numbing the tooth and surrounding gums with an injection of anesthetic. Then, he will use a drill to remove the decayed enamel. This will provide a clean, healthy surface for the final filling to adhere to.

Gold and porcelain fillings need to be prepared in a dental lab and they will require a brief follow-up appointment. Composite fillings can be placed in one single session.

The material our dentist recommends for the filling will be based on the tooth’s primary function and its visibility in your smile. Once it is applied and the cement is allowed to cure, the filling should effectively repair the tooth for a long time to come.

If you suspect that you have a cavity, you should not delay in having it treated. Having it repaired early reduces your chances of developing serious complications later. Please call David J. Harsant, DDS, PA at 910.864.4646 to seek treatment.