If you have a decayed tooth, Dr. David J. Harsant is pleased to restore the health of your tooth by removing the decay, cleaning the tooth, and filling the tooth with a dental filling in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Dental fillings are common products found in a dental office, and there are two main fillings patients generally use, which include:

  • Silver Amalgam Filling: This type of filling is a very durable product that generally lasts up to 15 years. It successfully withstands chewing forces and completely restores the health of your tooth. It is also one of the cheaper options in dental care.
  • White Composite Filling: This type of filling is made of a tooth-colored material and produces natural-looking results. It not only restores the health of your tooth, but it also has the ability to aid in other dental issues, like cracked, fractured, or broken teeth.

The process involved with placing a dental filling is simple and painless. It will begin with your dentist numbing your tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. Then, he will use a special tool to remove the decayed portions of your tooth. When your tooth is clear from harmful substances, your dentist will fill the tooth, layer by layer, with the dental filling. Once the tooth is full, he will trim and shape the top of the filling to make it fit perfectly with your bite.

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