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Your teeth generally appear when you smile. This can profoundly influence many of your facial expressions and your sense of self-image. Unappealing teeth that have been marred by dental stains and other cosmetic imperfections can sometimes hamper your self-confidence.

In a situation like this, you should consider setting up an appointment with a doctor like Dr. David J. Harsant. The considerable experience and training he has received can quickly assess the nature of the imperfections with your teeth to present you with an effective treatment plan.

Many patients with cosmetic imperfections on their teeth will choose to have dental veneers installed. These are special shells made from composite resin or a special type of dental grade porcelain that mimics the appearance of lustrously white tooth enamel.

To address a misshapen tooth or a tooth that has been affected by a physical defect Dr. David J. Harsant recommend restoring it with porcelain dental crown. This piece of dental work can be perfectly color matched to the dental veneers.

After the appropriate dental work has been prepared in a dental lab, Dr. David J. Harsant and his staff will install them during a follow-up appointment.

If you live in the Fayetteville, North Carolina, area and you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, you should call 910.864.4646 to set up a consultation appointment at David J. Harsant, DDS, PA.