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Mild deviations can occur with the alignment of your teeth due to genetic and environmental factors linked to the natural aging process. At the same time individuals who choose not to have a missing tooth restored can also experience acute changes with the orientation of multiple teeth.

As time goes by the improper relationship between two or more teeth in your dentition can cause one tooth to wear excessively on another. This can gradually degrade some of the healthy tooth enamel resulting in a minor case of dental attrition.

If the tooth enamel has been significantly compromised dental attrition could contribute to tooth sensitivity problems, dental fractures or even promote tooth decay.

If Dr. David J. Harsant notices a problem like this during your regularly scheduled dental checkup, he might recommend a preventative treatment to address it before it worsens. This might include administering a fluoride treatment, or a dental contouring treatment to edit the biting surface of the offending tooth.

If the structural integrity of the tooth has been compromised Dr. David J. Harsant might be able to repair it with a basic amalgam or composite dental filling. Though a large area of dental attrition might require a dental crown restoration.

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