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More mouthwash varieties mean more oral health benefits. Not only are mouthwashes designed to upgrade the smell of your breath, but they can clean your teeth, strengthen your tooth enamel, and even brighten your smile. Always choose a mouthwash that can help accomplish the wishes you desire. Listed below are a few varieties of mouthwash to consider:

For fluoride supplementation: Mouthwash can contain fluoride as an added ingredient, thanks to its cavity-fighting power and ability to help guard tooth enamel.

For combating halitosis: Mouthwash can fight the effects of halitosis, often called bad breath, by eliminating odor-causing residue and bacteria.

For a clean smile: Mouthwash is best used after meals to help neutralize harmful acids, limit the damage of tooth sensitivity, rinse away harmful bacteria, and freshen your breath.

All-purpose and multi-functional mouthwash: Mouthwash can have more than one benefit, so mix and match to determine which varieties work best for you.

For whiter teeth: Mouthwash can contain special ingredients designed to terminate stains or discolorations and improve the look of your smile.

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